3-Day Intensive Seminar

Our three-day intensive seminars are aimed at those who would like to open a painting studio. Our 26 years painting studio experience has provided us with the necessary knowledge to train you in a practice-oriented manner.
We teach theory and practice in small groups with a maximum of 6 participants. Beginning with the best possible location for your future business, moving on to the equipment you will need and finally to the pricing and preparation of a possible business plan, you get the necessary know-how that you need to open your own painting studio.

In the practical component you will learn the correct approach to glazing. You will learn what is important when filling and emptying the kiln and which firing cycle is suitable for which type of firing.
In addition, you will get an overview of the most relevant painting techniques for a painting studio, which you can then implement in practice.
Accurate product knowledge of all the important materials used in the painting studio will complete the two days.

You will attend the third day of training after opening your studio and gaining some experience. We  recommend that you have your studio open for at least three months. Once again, we will focus on the glazing and firing of the ceramic, as well as on a detailed error analysis. In doing so, we will also intensively address your questions. We will deepen and consolidate your knowledge so that you can glaze and fire your customers' works of art with greater self-confidence.


Cost per seminar participant:
€ 1.400.00 plus VAT
The seminars are held in English.

Next Dates

First and second training day

  • June 3rd & 4th, 2024,
    the seminar is held in English

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